Individual and Institutional Investors

How can we plan your portfolio success?

With an ever-expanding universe of investment options, it has become imperative for firms responsible for substantial amounts of funds to assign the management of those funds to professionals. Undertaking this task themselves may result in unwarranted loss. The same applies to individual investors who might not have the knowledge, the experience or even the time to handle their own portfolio. 

The objective of the investment manager is to maximize the return on assets under management without undertaking undue risk, whilst maintaining adequate liquidity.

The investment policy adopted will aim at developing an optimally diversified portfolio - part will be earmarked for security and regularity of income and part invested in riskier securities with growth potential. Our experts can design and implement a strategy for your financial success, depending on your needs and goals.


 Investment Strategy

The first step our investment managers take in developing an investment strategy is the evaluation of each client. In order to achieve the best possible results we assess the following:


    • level of risk the client is willing to take (risk tolerance)

    • time horizon

    • liquidity considerations

    • legislative framework

    • other client-specific circumstances


Once everything is put together, the result is a tailor-made portfolio, in line with the client’s requirements.

The capital allocation process aims to design a fully diversified portfolio, accurately reflecting the risk profile of each client.

The role of the Investment Manager is to assist the Client (Individual / Institutional) to meet their strategic positioning.


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